And it ends...

"So this is how it ends?"

With her head crawling into the shadow of her knees, she whispered "Yes"

"I can't believe this. You said you'll never leave me. You said you'll always be there by my side"

She couldn't even raise her head. May be it was guilt. With her voice choking from all the crying, she found the strength to reply "I did. But things are different now, it's complicated"

Frustrated he asked her "Why can't you just forget what happened? We can start all over.. Like in the good times"

She vaguely replied "I can't, if I could I would"

The last rays of the Sun seemed to wipe away the last hope he saw in her face. Her eyes no longer twinkled. The dullness in her face was rusting his heart away. After months of persuasion, he had finally managed to convince her to meet him. But all seemed so vain.

He ran out of words, he had tried in every way. Like a kid who throws the last pebble into the evening lake, he just shot in the dark "Is it that difficult to forget him?"

"Not a single beat of my heart can ever say that I can forget him"

Tears rolled down her cheeks, dripping onto her folded hands. She seemed so lost in "his" thoughts. 
Time just passed by, she didn't utter a singe word.

With all hopes lost, he said "May be you don't have to forget, all you have to do is not remember him."

With a sarcastic smile and a twisted look she blurted "Huh?"

For the first time, he felt her soul was engulfed in darkness. It was like he was in the corner of a dark forest, trying to fight through the fire with his bare hands. He hadn't a clue in this world on how to breach her, reach her heart. 

The darkness in her blurted out "Do you think you can replace him in all my memories?"

"I believe I can honey"

"No. No." Whispering softly, "No.. I connected with him at a level you can't even possibly imagine. It was divine. That feeling where you feel someone else's heart beat.. I can never have with you. What you are now, is just another entity in my life; one that I'm struggling to get rid of.. because it's so tough to let go of you, it's so tough to break all the strings attached. I wish there was an easier way for both of us. But it's fate. I didn't want it come to this"

Minutes passed by. Silence in the air was pinching his nerves. He never expected such a blatant reply from her.

"I guess, every light casts a shadow.. knowingly or unknowingly. You were one such light in my life, unknowingly you cast this dark shadow. The dark figure that is haunting my life now. I can never escape it, not when you're around."

"All of sudden I'm the shadow in your life?"

"Yes. Light fades off you know. Everything in this life burns out. I surrendered my heart to him, it was eternal surrender. I can't win over myself now and I'll.. I'll.."

"You'll what?"

"I'll probably never love you again. Not that I don't want to, it's just that I can't. As I look at it, life is pure evil. It has the power to twist your morning glory into a burning fury. I'm burning inside, don't you see? You may have not noticed it, but you both got intertwined in all my dreams. I never imagined one without another. I always wished both of you to be there.. till the end, the very end"

Wiping her tears, with a sudden urge of pride in her vocals, "He had some weaknesses. He wasn't perfect. But I never cared about that. You know when people say that love is blind?"

He slowly nods his head and looks at her, waiting for a gush of pain to strike him down.

"Well it's not.. It's colorful. So much.. all that vividness, you get addicted to it. And when that love is no more... that is when you become blind, blind to your own senses. All this numbness.. tells me to leave you forever. You remind me of him. Your smile reminds me of him. He acted just like you, he smelt just like you, he was nothing but you.. now I can't bear to look at you. You remind me of his death"

With moistened eyes he asked "He was my son too.. I lost him. You think I can stand losing another love?"


[This was inspired by a scene from the movie Minority Report]

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Why do they cry?

It was noon. Dark clouds in the sky. Shady weather. All the souls were fast asleep. Beneath the old tree sat the Master, drawing wisdom from world that surrounded.
A disciple was awake, restless. He hadn't heard his Master speak in a long time. 

Cold wind blew. The leaves danced to the tune of the wind. Building upon the tune, the Master thus spoke..

"Why do you think grown men cry?"

"May be I'll know when I grow up. As for now, I can't think of a reason why", spoke the disciple.

"When do you think you'll grow up?" asked the Master.

"May be the day I realize that even other people have broken hearts", replied the disciple.

"Why do you think hearts are broken?" questioned the mighty Master.

With his eyebrows raised, the disciple answered "If it never broke, people would never know that they had a heart."

"How would it matter if they knew or not of the heart?"

"The same reason why you sit under this tree, looking for answers"

"What answers do you think I'm looking for?"

"The answers that do not exist, but makes life an adventure. A quest that can never be conquered"

"Why do you consider life as a quest?"

"I'm merely assuming. I've seen great people spend their entire life searching for the true meaning of life, the meaning of love"

"Do you think that they succeeded in the end?"


"Why do you say so?"

"Countless men with their countless wisdom. Infinite theories of life. Uncountable religions. Innumerable practices. Not one converges"

"So, do you think there is only one answer?"


"And may I know it?"


With a sense of shock, the Master asked, "Why not?"

"The moment I tell you, I join the league of those great mortals. The great ones who preach. The great ones who always think they know the eternal truth"

"But the world only knows about those great men"

"Only knows, but not respects. They are known for works of literature and fantasy, ones who honored the King in return for fame. But the world respects the common man for it can see love in his eyes"

"Love? Love is not seen but felt"

"Eyes are not required to see. Beauty lies in the eye, the eye that is attached to the golden heart. A heart that seeks truth in lies, but fails to see the lies in truth"

Stung, the Master asked, "But of what use, if it can't see the lie?"

"Thorns only prick those who dare hold the rose. It doesn't matter if you seek lies or the truth, outcome is the same. Pain"

"Pain you say? Pain doesn't last. Pain is momentary. Time heals everything."

"Time heals only the wound. But Pain... Pain becomes a memory. A memory that flashes at the wrong Time"

"Memory, a memory created by true love can never hurt. Only the ones caused by Lust cause suffering"

"What is Love to a young heart, may seem as Lust to the society"

"But the society is built from ages of wisdom"

"What is built, will be destroyed. What is wisdom today, is famine tomorrow "

A raindrop distracted them. The disciple looked up to see...
The sky had become dark. Day had flown by, without either one noticing it. It started to rain. 

The roles reversed as the disciple asked the Master his first ever question, "Why does it rain?"

"To destroy the famine, to soothe the society. To bathe in lust, to drip in love. To stop time, to replace bitter memories with new ones. To shine on the rose, to feed the thorns. To wash the lies, to cleanse the heart. To hide the tears in the eye, to sprinkle love. To make fantasy come to life, pave the way for the quest. To help the tree grow, the tree underneath which the very thought of why men cry was ignited. Rain is nothing but God's tears, both joy and sorrow demystified."

With this, the disciple smiled and stood up. He turned around to walk. 

Just then the Master asked, "I have never seen you here before. What is your name?"

"Name means nothing. People should be remembered for their thoughts and actions"

Just then, the Master heard a lot of murmur. Standing at the back were other disciples, giggling and talking amongst themselves. Puzzled by their ignorance, the Master turned back for the unknown disciple. But he was gone.

Just then, one of the disciples asked the Master, "Were you talking to yourself all this time?"

After a minute of silence, the Master recovered from the shock and replied "If I say Yes, you will call me a fool". 

With a blissful smile and gleaming eyes in the dark, "If I say No, and that I was talking to God, you'll praise me and serve me"


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Switching to Story Telling!

Ok I've started using "public" transport. I can't sketch anymore during my travelling time - people stare at me like I'm a pervert or something.

Now that my imagination needs a new IO sub-system, I'm gonna start writing short stories.

Best part is I don't even have to write down anything, power to recall "dreams".. Muhahaha!