Nuklues.. a game made in Dart language
[Hosted on my site.. www.creativenuk.in]

Flash / Actionscript

Love Thy Gravity

A flash mini game made in 30 hours.
Demo link on Kongregate (Please turn down volume)

More info


A fun little Box2D prototype

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Flixel Contra Level

Video of Contra Jungle-Level designed in Flixel Engine
It has complete player state management
No AIs

Link to post


Teleport Rush

A racing game prototype where cars can get teleported
Links open game in Kongragate

More info
More info


An airhockey prototype with very simple AI


Compass in Unity3D

Explains how to make a simple compass overlay in Unity3D
It shows in which direction the player is pointing at.
Click to view

Procedural Track Generation

It explains how to procedurally generate a track in Unity3D

Level Design

Screeshots from a map I made in UDK

3D Models

A few 3D models made by me