Love Thy Gravity - Mini game

Challenged myself to make a small game in under 40 hours.

Came up with Love Thy Gravity in 30 hrs (non-continuous obviously)

You can play here -

Let me know if 30 hours was too much or well used O_o

Lesson learned: Level Design is really-amazingly-brain-fuckingly hard. Number of levels dropped from 20 to 12 X_x

VALVE rules \m/

Working with John was like the sequence in “The Matrix” where Neo has one martial art after another pumped into his brain.

Extremely awesome blog post

Flash 10 to 11 Issue

Well I got my pinball game to work in Flash player 11. \m/

The issue was I had set "mask" property on the root graphic.. well this wasn't an issue in 10.1

Fix is to -
1. Create a child
2. Make the child draw the mask-graphic
3. Set this child element as mask

Btw, Flash Develop 4 looks uber cool O_o

Tags: Flash Player 11, Bitmap, Mask, Redraw, Region, Bug, Issue

The XKCD Chick


Free 3D model of a Fighter Plane, me calls it FFighter... and dedicated to Firefox.


Creative Commons License

License file included in the ZIP, free for commercial use :)

NTFS: Stop being obsessed with FF logo

Infinite Fear

"You know there’s nothing to fear but fear itself. Yeah, that’s called recursion, and that would lead to infinite fear, so thank you" - Ze Frank