DAZ3D Hexagon is Free!

Indies.. I just came to know that Hexagon from Daz3D is free!
It may not be as powerful as Blender but it's definitely more productive.

I've tried a lot of free tools recently, including Wings. All of them suffer the same as Blender - very unfriendly, bad key combinations, pathetic mouse and viewport controls (ok so blender has emulation mode but still).

This is definitely THE alternative to Blender in my opinion.
Update: There is not alternative to Blender. Check out Sculptris though.

However, it doesn't export as FBX (you have 3ds and obj) and the tools don't seem to be as advanced as Blender (at least so far)

Anything that can get me going in under 3 mins to do a simple model for the 1st time is fucking awesome.

Bigger fan than me!

This guy is a bigger fan of Carmack than me!

Check out this link

Respect _/\_

Meanwhile I'm busy with this

I didn't know!

High-end credit cards have java run time environment!!!??