Desolate Racers - WIP 01

Trying out Terrain Sculpting in Unity.

Some WIP screen-shots -

Me calling it Desolate Racers - courtesy Wordweb ( You know desert... synonym...  x_x )

My 1st Game - In Unity3D

What better way to learn Unity3D than porting my old XNA prototype?

I put this up in a week's time - 1 to 2 hrs per day after work.

Few In-Editor Shots:

I was too lazy to design a level for this (unlike my XNA attempt). All the blocks created at run-time.

This triggered a new concept I wanna try - POD RACER! (obviously on Tatooine)

NTFS: Prototyping "Skyroads" is a religious thing from now on.. Peace   o_O \m/

My 1st XNA Game - Video

I was searching for a Spaceship model, when I realized I had made one for my 1st XNA game. I found the game ( in working condition O_o ), so thought of uploading a video.. just for laughs.

Well here it is:

To be honest its more of a POC kind, not a full game. I did this sometime in 2009/10 I guess.

Side notes:
1. Game play isn't as bad as it looks like in the video ( and I don't suck at my own game x_x). The video grabbing created jumps in frames. Due to this, the spaceship jumps awfully high somehow (elapsedTime screw-up to be precise) and Draw calls don't relate to Update either.

2. I have swapped my mouse buttons. Why? Read this, I wasn't kidding! I've actually done this to my office-comp too - used to annoy Bukki a lot ( Good 'ol times... farewell my ultimate-source-of-choci ). Anyway, while playing this game I realized - XNA doesn't seem to recognize this. XNA games off-the-shelf aren't lefty-user friendly!

3. See the credit to XNA Creators Club? (Soo nostalgic right now and I hate the new AppHub and attention to WinPhone). Anyway, I learnt so much from them, probably those 6 months or so is what made me a better programmer for life...