Unity Gravity Sim

Made a very simple Gravity simulation between 2 bodies.

I just wanted to try out Unity 5. It feels really good to work with a full version doesn't it!

Was trying out attracting two objects, then googled here and there and found Force is inversely proportion to distance squared etc. Just put these into a scene and started playing around.

Then it suddenly hit me how slingshot and orbiting works. WTF.. so many years in school, never understood a damn thing!

Btw, Unity has WebGL deployment now - publishes a 30mb js file x_x

Physics 101

You know that feeling of spending years on something and not really getting it? Physics & Rendering is like that to me. Was reading this nice physics article - so many years of school & college physics summarized in one article. Pretty deep, I'm still in the Moment of Inertia thingy.. that's my moment right there.. x_x

Physics in game development is a big road block for me. For single-person / indie developers - you need to be "The Jack of All asshole" (go back and read it like John Constantine).

But the problem is - the moment you go beyond proto phase you start hitting major roadblocks in any game engine - usually graphics or physics. Either the frame rate suddenly drops and you have no clue why (I'm looking at you Unity) or Physics stuff don't work as you intend. Those times when your fucking 4 wheeler topples at 200 mph turns and you have no clue how to fix it, or things just become Kitty from X-Men.. no.. I didn't mean cute O_o