Desolate Racers - WIP 02

Update on Desolate Racers ( ok the name sounds silly now x_x)

I changed my Spaceship to a POD, Skywalker's POD to be precise! Always wanted to drive one of those things...on Tatooine. I added 2 Suns to make myself feel at home ( When I add 3... it looks stupid o_O )

Here's a small-stinky-very-very-low quality video of it -

Things to be done:
Particle Systems
Energy Binders (looks stupid now doesn't it x_x)
Improving Game mechanics
Create the Legen.. wait for it.. dary Boonta Eve Circuit

Things I learnt:
You can't scale a Terrain in Unity3D. Only way I could think of is export heightmap in RAW format, scale it outside, import it back.. which sucks. So, lesson learnt.. get the scale right from the beginning. And no, you can't scale down everything else cos you got the terrain wrong. It hurts the physics bad.

Google Maps Watermark - Duh!

Fringe + Fringe + Fringe + Coffee + Coffee + Coffee + F... = Very Sensitive Eyes.

I was checking out some terrains near my home in Google Maps.

Somehow thought it'll be fun to find out all the water-marks, you know... OK you may not...

Anyway, every tile has a watermark... non-jagged arrays and I'm still bored