Fish-Bowl Theory of Universe

Heads up - I'm totally fucking drunk.. so don't read this if you're one of those crazy-always-serious piece of shit. Boozing alone in front of a god damned fish tank makes u think.. think a lot. So...

There's a fish tank (called Aquarium for all you glorified drama queens). I see 3 different species of fish.. all grouping themselves like they are some heavenly piece of shit. They are acting like they are too awesome to mingle with other cheap ass fishes... well little do they know - nobody gives a fuck about any of them.

I see two little fishes (looks like gold fishes). They seem happy playing around, one chasing the other all over the tank. Nice.. puts a smile on your face. But then there are grown ups - fucking morons. Looking at their own reflections and dancing and shit.. trying to make themselves feel better or something. From where I see - either they are completely engrossed in useless crap or they realize that life is just this - might as well enjoy it. Well.. who's a moron now?

Then there's an explorer fish. Doesn't seem to care about anyone else in the tank - does what it likes. Always swimming around the whole tank, like Indiana Jones trying to find treasure in remote parts of the tank. Probably is the coolest fish according to the ladies in the tank? Well from my point of view - all it succeeded in doing was picking out dust and shit from the floor. Full marks for trying though. Funny thing is - unless the guy who maintains the tank puts some 'treasure', it will never find anything. But what if he did? Well, all that hard work finally pays off eh?

There's another gold in the tank. It only dances when someone's close, like when they put their hand on the glass. I'm not even sure if it can see or sense this. But still, it's a different dance - almost like it's done to just to please the one who's looking. I was thinking, poor bastard thinks it'll get'll food if it pleases the all mighty on-looker. Then the bartender who came to refill my vodka tells me, "That's my favorite fish. I put extra food for it when it comes to the surface.". I asked him why and he says, "Cos it dances when it sees me." Well... fuck.

One last fish, the dark thingy with funny pattern just floating on the floor, doing nothing. It made a pretty good statement - "I don't give a fuck about anything." Pretty cool if you ask me.

Now in case you're wondering what the fuck this rant is all about - I'm just thinking.. what if this universe is just a fucking fish bowl to some higher existence? I'm not religious, neither an atheist, yet. I'm probably confused and I'm not offended by any of your view points. I don't intend to prove or disprove the existence of god. All I'm telling is - no matter how hard the fish tries, it'll still live and die in the tank (Well, except for Nemo 0_o).

What if the universe is just a lab experiment for someone? What if we are not even the 'fish' but just some microbes on the surface that nobody even gives a shit about? What if it's technologically impossible to to look or go outside the fish tank from the inside?