Unity - Blue Blast Effect

I've been trying out Unity and I must say, IT'S FRIGGIN AWESOME \m/
I couldn't believe it's so light weight either!

I was trying out my hands at the in-built Particle System. After seeing some of the samples, the very first thing that came to my mind was the Blue-Blast effect in Transformer's Chopper scene.

Well, this is my first attempt.

Kinda looks alright in the beginning, but as the ripple spreads out, gaps appear. I'm thinking of other better-slicker-elegant ways to achieve this effect.

Actually, I'm so tempted to start creating a level editor for Away3D / XNA right now!I know I know... it's like adrenaline rush... and I'm lazy.

Plus, Unity is probably THE example for Component/Entity based design

Why did I stop playing with Away3D?
1. There is no editor.. bummer.
2. Unity is planning a "publish to Flash Player 11" (Molehill as of now)
3. I'm lazy and I find good reasons to convince myself