Alchemist - Alternative Ending!

Ubisoft keeps coming up with games that have alternative endings. So why not me?

A very long time ago, I was forced to read the Alchemist [ at gunpoint ]. This probably is the only non sci-fi, non programming book I've ever read in my life. And to be honest - it sucks, big time. What kinda idiot searches the world to find his destiny. Life is about destiny finding you. Google giving you THE search result is destiny - not you typing the url in the browser.

So here's the Alternative Ending:
Dumb Shepard gets tired of his stupid sheep and their constant "Blaaah Blaah"s.
He sells them.
He buys a dog. [even better - stray dog becomes his friend]
He takes it back to his place.
It digs up.
He finds the treasure.
Lives happily ever after. [Fatima who? We all know long distance relationships never work]

 NFS: Wind doesn't carry kisses. Its probably the smell of.. never mind.

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  1. maga u are strange but u might be right.. i never read that book.. now i don't wanna.. :)

    Thank you. :)


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