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I came across this hack-a-day post. It's about how Rice University students rigged Wii Boards to help kids with disability learn to walk.

From their website:

"By cleverly linking five Wii Balance Boards, a team of Rice University undergraduates has combined the appeal of a video game with the utility of a computerized motion-tracking system that can enhance the progress of patients at Shriners Hospital for Children-Houston.

The Rice engineering students created the new device using components of the popular Nintendo game system to create a balance training system. What the kids may see as a fun video game is really a sophisticated way to help them advance their skills. The Wii Balance Boards lined up between handrails will encourage patients age 6 to 18 to practice their balance skills in an electronic gaming environment. The active handrails, which provide feedback on how heavily patients depend on their arms, are a unique feature.

Many of the children targeted for this project have cerebral palsy, spina bifida or amputations. Using the relatively inexpensive game console components improves the potential of this system to become a cost-effective addition to physical therapy departments in the future."

Check out  this video on Youtube:

How sweet is this? Come to think of it.. We.. thats right.. You too (95% probability  - 80% that XNA, Game or Actionscript got you here and 15% that you are a known friend ) as engineering grads forgot all about making lives better and sadly, everything after college life is about "Money"

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