Yowza year for the Gaming Industry

Everything's going web-based, things I probably never imagined.

When I started with Unity3D I thought, well here's a platform for both Windows and Web. All we need to do is develop for one and the other fits right in. Last year,  to develop 3d on the web, there weren't much options - it was either Unity or Flash (software based rendering of course)

Times have changed... drastically. Or was I not paying attention? x_x

As of now, these are the following ways to publish 3D games on the web -
Unity 3D
Flash 11 (Molehill as of now)
Silverlight 5

Lets take out WebGL, cos I feel it's not mature enough (read browser compatibility)

As of 2010, whatever 3D you'd do on the web would leave out an important target - Linux.

Adobe, being the target of sick-mindless-cribbing -whoa-HTML5-will-kill-it people has proved once again what it is to be a visionary.

Talk about development options for Flash 11 - Unity3D, Epic's UDK and Away 3D.
[ I was wondering why Unity came up with this Flash export option. They expected Epic to? ]

Silverlight 5 RC also means you can have your XNA games on the Web! ( I really never imagined this day would come)

Looks like "Browser" is indeed becoming a Platform. When Google said this,  it sounded ridiculous to me. Well now I'm a little.. never mind.. not gonna admit it. Well, Is Google Chrome headed in the right direction then? I don't know actually.. but I have this zoinks-scoob-something's-fishy feeling that it's gonna revolutionize gaming platform.

My predictions - 
1. Chrome is gonna change the equation for WebGL ( it's the only thing that can actually be 100% platform agnostic).
2. Chrome and Android are gonna leverage the same tech for making web = mobile equation true

Can't wait for Google to release their Game Engine (hope it's not in Go.. fingers crossed)

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