Most Awesome Dream

I had the most awesome dream yesterday.

I'm in a passage.. a big one. It's sometime in the future.. way in to the future.
There are a few people in there.. strangers.. then there's also my dad.

He's wearing some sort of a sci-fi suit which I gave him (I don't know about me, it's always like FPS).
So I tell him lets start the simulation and we both start running around, jumping around, picking up weapons etc, shooting, etc

The ambiance is pretty nice. Super cool light beams, bloom effects and nice shadows and all those HDR type of scenes.

So after a while, I ask my dad, "So how was it?", to which he replies "Reminds me of the old days."
Then I go over to a corner and toggle a switch.

Guess what happens?

The shadows get turned off!

Then I tell to my dad, "The whole software to put the shadows for humans in the real world was developed by me."

A future where there are no more shadows and I simulate shadow for the world. O_o

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