Mecanim Tryout

Let's make Unity's Ethan shake hand with a very very hot invisible chick. Press 'X' to shake hands
Very simple state machine

Idle to Shake Transition

Shake To Idle Transition

Idle keeps looping
When "Shake" is set >> transition to Shake
Stay there until exit-time has occurred and Shake is set to false (It should be play once)

So we do need to write some code for this, Mecanim can't variables and stuff I think (not sure).

The trick for using "Boolean" trigger in Mecanim is -
Check if we are in proper state.
Set Flag
Next loop - Unset flag

Animation re-targeting is cool and all.. but I'm not so impressed with the design / architecture yet. Looks to me like it's gonna end up being a big pile of mess with lot of patch-works everywhere. Hope I'm wrong for my own sake..

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