Destiny and the Irish Pot of Gold Syndrome

I always believe that nothing can be done to avoid one's destiny. It happens no matter what. There's no way to avoid events from happening in life - no matter how much you try, just like in final destination.

Theorem 1: When destiny wants to kick your ass - All you can do is bend over.

Conclusion 1: You never know whats in store for you. When you bend over - you may actually find a Pot-of-Gold. It's just destiny's way of showing you something good in life.

Corollary 1: When you find a Pot-of-Gold and bend over to pick it up - boy you MAYBE in trouble!

NFS: Stock markets may be a safer bet than investing in gold!

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  1. wow maga.. you and you ways of thinking.. amazing.. :P :) and yes u are right.. :)


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