Air Hockey in Unity3D

Simple prototype I made in Unity3D. (Requires Unity web-player plugin)

Things to ponder -
It's a pain in the brain (O_o) to configure the Physics engine to work for simple things like this, that too when scaled to real world.

First i had to setup a few  parameters to tell Physx to consider collision at very small dimensions

Then I had to tell it to use "Bouncy" material

Then I had to tell it to confine rotation and stuff so that Puck doesn't fly-off.

I still couldn't get the desired effect, and like icing on cake - there is no "Cylinder" collider in Unity, nor a 2D-Circle thingy. So eventually, i was frustrated with all this, did my very-simple-stupid-flawed Circle-circle collision x_x

This proto has NO rigid bodies at all, the physics engine is probably like "Dude.. I'm bored >.<"

Lessons learnt -
To make small games like these, it's probably a good idea to scale everything up

Setup game dimension (screen width & height) before-hand and use the same settings while developing / testing

Programming the AI (so to speak) / NPCs is always more difficult than what you initially assume

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  1. Hi, I'm trying to make a air hockey game in unity and I'm getting frustrated with the physics. Could you please email me how you achieved this cool prototype.



  2. Hi,Vikram
    I want create a air hockey game via unity. .Can you help me about this game's codes? Im a beginner at unity3d.Please Thank you.

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